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Throughout human history the vase is one of the most iconic objects and earliest forms of artistic expression. Almost every culture has produced them. Ceramic artifacts and shards are the evidence that remains from ancient civilizations and provide archaeologists an opportunity to develop an understanding of their culture, ritual and technology. 


My work conceptually, formally and metaphorically grows out of my love and appreciation for ceramics. The Shattered Vase series is an extension of this rich history, producing vessels that are a composite of shards from various cultures and time periods. Artifacts of the past, present and future all coalesce within the same volumetric form creating a hybridity of humanity where all peoples are interrelated, inclusive and interdependent. 


My clay vessels, thrown on the potter’s wheel combine hand-built sculptural elements and explore my processing of personal pain and grief.  Each piece is a volumetric canvas; a receptacle where I investigate and mine a spectrum of emotive content. They stem from my lifelong love for clay and improvisational approach to art making.

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