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My current sculptures are made from repurposed domestic objects stacked in the shape of a classical vase. The form is covered with a Cubist-like skin of shards and collage, resulting in a fragmented mélange of personal and cultural artifacts that create a hybrid of civilization. The inspiration for this work comes from the Shattered Vase Theory, a psychological metaphor that compares those who have experienced severe loss and PTSD to a beautiful vase shattering into pieces. Rather than restoring the broken vase, one can transform and reassemble the shards into something new and remarkable by accepting change. Psychologists call this process Post-Stress Growth (PSG).


Ten years ago, I went through a traumatic experience when my children were involved in a serious traffic accident. This event forever changed the course of my life and artistic practice. These shattered vases were created out of my personal trauma and suffering. This work is a tribute to the power of art and creativity to transform pain into something meaningful despite the paradox of creating beauty from tragedy.

Ron Baron, 2024

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